Pioneer Bond of 2013 – Why You Should Vote “Yes” This Time.

voting day in a small town

voting day in a small town (Photo credit: Muffet)

Hello to all my fellow Sheltonians of Mason County in Washington State!

It’s that time again when the Pioneer School District proposes a new Bond/Levy for us voters. Now the flyers, pamphlets and leaf-lets I’m sure some of you have seen (especially if you live in the Pioneer School District) and I’m not going to tell you anything they haven’t already, well – that’s not entirely true but I’ll try not to beat the dead horse. My job though is to convince you even more so why it is important to vote “Yes” on the Bond this year. I know some people might be worried about a potential “Tax Increase” and I know none of us like that idea, but let’s face it – when it comes to public related programs it is Tax Payer dollars that ultimately help get the job done.

I know with the economy still the way it is it seems bad. A potential tax increase might seem horrible and even scary, but if it’s not all that much – are we still so sure we can’t part with just a little extra? I know I want to see this Bond/Levy pass and I will share why momentarily. Before I do, I want to offer a bit of background on the consistency in which the Bond/Levy has passed. Between 1995 and 2001. During this time frame I remember that the Bond/Levy did not pass. I think it passed once and that was for a maintenance thing they desperately needed. I know it has failed to pass many more times since 2000 as well. Continue reading


Hello and Welcome!


Hello and welcome! You have just found The Shelton Oracle. This is a blog dedicated to local stories to be discussed regarding our local community of Shelton, WA. If you were looking for Shelton, AL or any other Shelton – you’ve come to the wrong place. This blog is dedicated solely to residents of Shelton, WA alone and the town’s local news, or otherwise, stories. Thank you for visiting and we hope you’ll read some of our stories and enjoy them. Thanks again for stopping by and checking us out!

~Sincerely Lead Reporter and Chief Editor,

~Lady Gwendolynn O’Dannan

United We Stand, Divided We Fall

This image was selected as a picture of the we...

This image was selected as a picture of the week on the Malay Wikipedia for the 1st week, 2010. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


I know one of my readers (you know who you are) reported to me that 2012 has been one of the most profitable years despite the obvious Depression the United States and quite possibly the World has been under. I know there are still people out there desperate for jobs, food, a helpful and hopeful answer to the many questions that they may have regarding their fears, doubts and worries in these economic times. Those of you who remember your American History, if you remember anything about “The Great Depression“, probably remember sitting through movies or Documentaries depicting folks during “The Great Depression” in hovels (“Hoovervilles“), maybe in boarding home situations or other living conditions.


The American people, many of them, banded together to help one another out. Even if they didn’t like their living conditions or want things to be that way, they did what was necessary and humanely just for their fellow-man and it helped them to survive and get by. They shared their meals and what little they had with one another. Granted, there may have still been some crime during this time but I don’t remember hearing much about it. No; instead I heard stories of camaraderie and how the people demonstrated their distaste with President Herbert Hoover for not keeping to his word after making so many promises to the American People. Continue reading

Shelton Cinemas Needs Your Help!

English: drive-in movies 2008 in brussels with...

English: drive-in movies 2008 in brussels with AIRSCREEN Deutsch: Autokino mit AIRSCREEN in Brüssel 2008 (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Hey everyone, another informal post today. However, this one is very important and I wanted to make sure I got it done before my trip. For those unfamiliar I hail from a small town called Shelton, WA. I sometimes claim Olympia too but that’s because I visit there often (more to do there). Shelton is very much an “Entertain Yourself” kind of town. If you have ever lived in or do live in a small town, you know how this way of life works. It can be rather boring. Shelton used to have a Bowling Ally too. Unfortunately it burned down some years ago. They refuse to rebuild it because of some old ridiculous laws (and if I could find them again I’d be pointing them out in another blog post later).

Since the Bowling Ally burned down though, alternative forms of entertainment have been difficult to find (working out doesn’t exactly count in my book by the way) without having to travel all the way to Olympia to spend money outside the town when Shelton needs just as much money as it can get to survive right now. So, our one sliver of hope, our one last source of entertainment  (aside from the skate park which isn’t exactly for everybody) is the local movie theater which is calling on members of the community (I think outside of the community would be pretty spectacular too by the way) to donate money to help them with “Upgrading” their equipment. Continue reading

Local Hidden Treasures – Cove Crystals

If you live in Shelton, WA you know that most of the businesses here are “Small Businesses” run, owned and operated by locals who are either 1st generation, 2nd Gen, 3rd Gen or maybe even older. We do also have some of your stereotypical “Chain Businesses” as well in our hometown, one of which in particular helped and killed the local economy (Wal-Mart) to a far extent, along with the Recession (or if you know better “Depression”). Continue reading

Not Your Fair, My Fair!

Empty Fairground Ride

Empty Fairground Ride (Photo credit: groks)


Today I’m going to be talking about something important to me. An issue concerning my hometown of Shelton, WA.

Sometime back in January I remember reading in the local paper of my hometown that the Shelton Fairgrounds was on a lease to the City of Shelton from the Federal government. This lease is supposed to expire in January of 2013 which is, more or less, just around the corner. Once the lease is up it becomes the property of the Shelton Airfield. Now, I don’t know what the Airfield intends to DO with the Fairgrounds once it reacquires it, whether it would be to give it to the County as a gift so that we could continue to have a Fairgrounds or  to possibly bulldoze it to make a bigger Airfield. That is the most uncertain thing about this matter. I’m certain they have enough space for their planes, but I could also be wrong. As it STANDS though, I feel our Fairgrounds are a very important and vital asset to maintain and keep. If anything it should be bigger, but sadly it’s not as big as we’d probably like it to be. Point is, the Shelton Fairgrounds is, in a way, an extremely crucial source of income and culture for the city. If we were to lose that, I’m not entirely sure where we’d have our cultural events, expos, or anything else. We could have them in Hoodsport but that wouldn’t make any sense. We could have them in Downtown but then people might complain once more about traffic bog-down. Continue reading